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British Columbia Nomination - PNP - Canadian Immigration

British Columbia immigration is different from Alberta and Manitoba, in that its Skilled Worker stream does not need pre-approval of employers. Like Manitoba, however, it has a number of streams as well, including a business flow, Health Care Workers stream, and International Students stream.

Canadian PNP provides permanent resident status and also allows successful applicants to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis.

Beyond permanent residency and subject to the satisfaction of the three-year requirement, it may be possible for candidates to apply for Canadian citizenship.

PNPs in many cases can provide immigration route than other types of Canadian business visa and in addition, they do not require a point based skills assessment in order to qualify.

Whilst applicants' skills, experience and adaptability are still considered under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programme, there is no requirement to satisfy a points based assessment.


About province:

The Provincial Nominee Program is not points tested. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is not run by specific skill shortage list. Instead, the Government has identified sectors such as Aerospace, Post Secondary Education and IT as high priority.


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