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Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

The Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) is a province specific Canadian immigration service for those applicants who wishing to migrate to Canada with the purpose of living and working in Nova Scotia on a permanent basis.

Nova Scotia PNP Skilled Worker Stream

To qualify as a Skilled Worker, the applicant must have:

How to apply for Canadian Visa

Apply to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program:
If you want to migrate to Nova Scotia for the purpose of settle and work, you should watch the NSNP categories, if you meet the criteria set by the province for nomination. If you do and you choose to apply, you must complete the required application forms, attach all supporting documentation and forward the complete application package to the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration for assessment.

After that if you are approved by the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration as meeting the NSNP selection criteria, you will receive a Letter of Nomination. A Certificate of Nomination will be issued by the Office of Immigration directly to the appropriate CIC visa office.

A nomination by the province does not guarantee that you will be granted permanent residency. This final decision rests solely with CIC.

Apply to a Citizenship and Immigration Canada visa office

If you are selected by the province, you must then submit your NSNP and federal immigration application package directly to the appropriate CIC visa office within 90 days of nominee certificate issuance.

CIC will conduct criminal, security and health checks on your application. It may also request an interview or additional information. CIC will make the final selection decision on whether you will be issued a permanent resident visa.



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