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Occupational Registration - Canadian Employment Visa

Like in most Western countries, certain occupations in Canada require that you are registered before being able to begin employment (which is known as occupational registration). This requirement depends on whether your trade or profession is listed as being regulate; should it be, then occupational registration will be required as standard.  Every profession which has different requirements varies from province to province.


Regulated Professions

Regulated professions in Canada are:

These professions have registration requirements such as further study, practical experience and/or examinations.


Regulated Trades

Examples of regulated trades are;

Registration requirements for such trades range from further study or a period of supervised work, to full written examinations.


                        Non Regulated Occupations

The majority of occupations in Canada do not require registration; however, employers / organizations often prefer that you are a member of a professional or trade body on a voluntary basis.

Also, candidates for non-regulated occupations will still be required to show to potential employers that they posses the relevant skills for the job.



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