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Saskatchewan Nomination

You have many directions to come to Saskatchewan either temporarily or permanently. Also you can come temporarily to visit, study or work

If you want to work permanently or start a business in Saskatchewan, there are several options:

Immigrate through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
Immigrate through a federal category of Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), you may qualify under one of eight categories:


Saskatchewan PNP - Skilled Workers

To qualify as a Skilled Worker, an applicant must have a permanent full-time Saskatchewan job offer either:



Saskatchewan PNP - Family Members


To qualify as a under SINP category, a candidate must have a family member in Saskatchewan who is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident and has been residing in Saskatchewan for at least one year.  Supporting family members include: parents, sisters/brothers, daughters/sons, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, grandparents, first cousins, step-family members or in-laws of the same relationship. The candidate must:

Saskatchewan PNP - Long Haul Truck Drivers

To qualify as a Long Haul Truck Driver, an applicant must:

Saskatchewan PNP - Health Professionals

To qualify as a Health Professional, an applicant  must:


Saskatchewan PNP - Students

To qualify as a Student, an applicant must:

Saskatchewan PNP - Farmers

To qualify as a Farmer, an applicant must:

Saskatchewan PNP - Entrepreneurs

To qualify as an Entrepreneur, an applicant must:

Saskatchewan PNP - Hospitality Sector Project

To qualify under this category, an applicant must:


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